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Drive Cruiser III Wheelchair with Removable Arms (Drive Cruiser 3 Wheelchair) is a high-quality, top-notch mobility aid at a reasonable, low price. In fact, this chair is so stocked that you might not even believe what you are getting for the price. You get your choice of various arm styles and front riggings for the tough-as-nails carbon steel frame. This frame has eliminated the need the need for seat guides, allowing for custom back inserts and myriad accessories. The beautiful silver vein finish adds a level of style and class, and being completely easy to clean, makes the wheelchair a very attractive.


The wheelchair features a precision sealed wheel bearing, in both the front and the rear, which ensures long lasting performance and reliability. It also contains sturdy 8" front caster wheels for a smooth ride over most surfaces. The dual axle and removable, flip back arms make transfers easy. Available with detachable flip back arms, swing away or elevated footrests, black nylon upholstery, composite Mag-style wheels and push-to-lock wheel locks.

Drive Cruiser Wheelchair

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